Reputation Management Is No Longer An Option

  • September 12, 2014

Reputation Management Is No Longer An Option For Local Businesses

Google, Yahoo, and Bing have all changed their search results strategy for Local Businesses. Their local business listings have become a portal where they aggregate customer reviews. Here are your reviews on Google

The Problem For Local Businesses:

The problem facing local businesses is that search engines promote review sites in hopes of protecting the public are prominently displaying comments from Review Sites in their local “Places Page.In some cases, there can be damaging reviews about your practice.

Local businesses know that they cannot run their business without running into the occasional customer who is demanding, fickle, and impossible to please.

The problem is that the review sites have given these people a large megaphone to have their opinions broadcast. It is very easy for an unhappy customer, an ex-employee, and even your competitors to post a negative review about your business.

What further complicates a comment on a Review Site is that it is completely anonymous. It doesn’t matter if the review is downright malicious and specifically designed to harm your businesses reputation. There are no repercussions for the individual who makes a scathing review. Therefore, legal action is mostly ineffective, and it’s very costly to try to get one of these negative reviews deleted.

Your ability to acquire new customers is being affected by these reviews:

Studies show that 64% of all online customers look at reviews and use them in their decision process to visit or purchase from a local business. They are less likely to buy if they see very few reviews and one or two of them are negative.

This is particularly problematic when the three major search engines display reviews about your business prominently in their “Local Business Listings.”

A negative review can mean lost opportunities and you may never know how many people haven’t visited your business or engaged your services because of a negative review.

You can no longer afford to ignore online negative reviews:

This is a problem that local businesses can no longer ignore. Ignoring your online reputation, either consciously or unconsciously, will have a negative impact on your ability to bring new customers into your establishment.

Allowing someone else to control the message about your business, to shape the opinions of your target audience without your input, is beyond dangerous, it’s reckless.

Don’t let other people tarnish your reputation. You need to hire a reputation management company to combat this problem. We have an affordable, effective solution for local business that recognize that negative reviews are costing them customers.

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    • Kelly
    • September 12, 2014

    You guys got my site to Number 1 on Google and Baidu !

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      • October 6, 2014


    • Kendrick
    • September 12, 2014

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. How do I get started?

      • letty
      • October 7, 2014

      thanks for letting me know why reputation management is not an option. I will be calling soon.

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