How to Choose the Right Reputation Management Tool

  • July 17, 2014
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How to Choose the Right Reputation Management Tool

Reputation management is very important, but it can also be incredibly time consuming. Fortunately, there are some tools which allow you to keep on top of what people are saying about you, how often they are talking about you and other interesting and important things that you need to know once you begin to push your reputation management campaign forward. There are plenty of places for you to choose from and plenty of tools that might fit your specific needs. The tools listed below are simply some of the most popular ones, but there are many others that you can find by doing a little bit of research. They range from free to premium and you may end up using a combination of all of them to manage your online reputation. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • Google Alerts (Free): A surprisingly easy tool to keep track of what is being said about your company on the news and on some blogs. You can set it up and check it periodically from your homepage.
  • Yahoo! Alerts (Free): Very similar to the above, but also checks stocks. Like Google Alerts, it can also send you e-mails if you request them. You may want to use your phone or you can even use your instant messenger to receive notifications.
  • Technorati (Free): Perhaps the most popular one, this easy tool allows you to keep track of mentions of your company in different blogs.
  • Social Mention (Free):  Instead of focusing on blogs, this tool focuses on social networking and what is being said about you there, but it can also look in news.
  • Lithium (Premium): This tool, which is not free, gathers information from millions of sources including social networking sites. It manages any duplicate content for you and it can let you know the sentiment that people have had around your brand.
  • Radian6 (Premium): Perhaps the most popular pay-for tool, it also looks at millions of sources, which include social media and news. Other than telling you how much your name is dominating the conversation, you are able to see what type of feedback you are getting. You are also able to store last month’s data before the next month rolls over.
  • Vocus (Premium): Very similar to the other two paid tools, but it also has a nifty feature that allows you to see if influential bloggers or people on Twitter have said anything about you while filtering out sites that serve as social aggregators.

Use these tools to see the impact that your campaign is having and what you can do to refine your process. You will also be more productive since it will not cut into as much of your time.

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