How Blogging Can Help Your Company

  • July 22, 2014
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How Blogging Can Help Your Company’s Reputation

It seems that only a few years ago everyone had a blog. They were used to vent out frustrations, speak about the person’s day and interact with the community surrounding these blogs. Over the past few years, companies have realized how valuable blogs are as publicity tools and how important it is to keep them updated. The benefits of corporate blogging are many and the drawbacks are few. However, it can be a little difficult to get started, especially if you are not exactly sure about what blogging is or how you should do it.

How to Write For Your Blog

Writing for blogs is a little different than writing copy. Your posts should not be too long, but they need to be informative. Posts that are too long may bore your readers and posts that are too short may give the impression of not caring. The sweet spot is something between 300 – 500 words per post. That makes it manageable for you as far as time goes and it keeps the reader’s attention intently focused. Your sentences should be short, snappy and to the point. You want people to leave feeling like they want more.
You can blog about anything interesting that has to do with your company, even news that may not strictly be about you. If you are a business that sells suitcases and you see an image of an entire miniature Jurassic Park built into a suitcase, you can link to it and write a blog post about how versatile suitcases are. Don’t get discouraged in your trying to find things to blog about, you just need a little bit of imagination and perseverance.

What Blogging Can Do For You

Blogging can help you in many ways. Having a consistently updated blog means that your company’s website will outrank any negative comments in search engine results. You will be part of a community that cares about what you have to say and your blog will give your brand credibility. You will also be able to reply to any concerns in a direct way that people find somewhat personal.
The main drawback when it comes to blogging is time. With time comes motivation. Even if at first you wanted to start your blog and kept on top of it, your interest in it may run dry as you are doing other things. Set aside a couple of hours a week to write a couple of blog posts. Most blogging platforms allow you to schedule when your post will be published. Take advantage of that and fall into a weekly routine so that your motivation stays high and you can see results more quickly.

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1 Comment
    • Randy
    • October 6, 2014

    I was unaware of this. Until this article I just thought blogging was a part of SEO but didn’t quite understand its importance.

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