Crisis Reputation Management

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Crisis Reputation Management: What You Should Know

For example what if an offhand comment made by a powerful executive in a private party, a mislabeled package that ended up arriving five months late in the hands of a powerful blogger or a heated personal exchange between a prominent member of a community and an intern handling e-mails. Can you guess what all of the above things have in common? They are all things that could end up going viral. This means that all the work you have done to build a reputation of a trusted company may simply go out the window straight away and in a matter of days. Ignoring things like these does not make them go away, it makes them worse. Fortunately if you take action quickly enough, you may be able to start building your reputation back up and you may be able to recover from a difficult faux pas altogether.

Look Out!

If the mistake is too big, you may consider bringing in an online reputation management specialist that can guide you through the process. Before you take action, you may also need to consult your lawyer, particularly if you feel like whatever has gone viral may become a legal matter down the road. Otherwise, you should use the tools available at your disposal to communicate with the public about your company. Use your social media profiles to let people know about the news and tell them that you are working to find a solution. Their anger may be somewhat appeased if they know that you are trying to do something about them and acknowledging the problem at least means that you will attempt to resolve it. Keeping it quiet may make people feel like you are trying to shove it under the carpet or that you agree with statements that were made. Update frequently and try to ensure that it does not happen again by training at least some key employees in social media so that any complaints can be quickly responded to and addressed.

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    • Muchamad
    • October 7, 2014

    I could not believe all of the negative things that people were saying about our company simple because one person got upset. Thanks for helping us out.


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